signingLimited Companies’ Accounts

As a Limited Company you are required to keep accurate accounting records in order to complete accounts, corporation tax returns, VAT returns and PAYE returns.

Three Client Case Studies

1. A Ltd wishes to outsource all the accounting work
: A Ltd sends us copies of invoices, receipts, bank statements etc on a monthly or a quarterly basis
We then:
: Do the book-keeping on a regular basis
: Ensure that vat returns are submitted to HMRC and you know how much to pay and when
: Calculate salaries and advise you how much to pay and how much to pay to HMRC in tax and national insurance
: Prepare year end accounts and submit online to Companies House
: Prepare corporation tax returns and submit online to HMRC.

2. B Ltd manages their accounts during the year and contacts us with any queries.
: B Ltd provides accounts information shortly after the company year-end so that we can prepare the statutory accounts and corporation tax returns.

3. C Ltd employs an in house book-keeper to do the day to day accounts.
: We do management accounts on a monthly/quarterly basis often at the offices of C Ltd
: We check or do the vat returns when required
: We operate the payroll system for C Ltd
: We prepare the statutory accounts and corporation tax returns for C Ltd.

If you are a limited company and would like assistance or advice with your accounts, please call the friendly professionals at Suzanne Cater Chartered Accountants today.